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Insights Discovery® 

"A language for people"

Imagine a tool that can be quickly and skillfully embedded into your business or organisation that gives people the ability to connect, communicate and adapt with each other. A tool that enhances leadership, team dynamics and personal effectiveness. 

Insights Discovery® allows people to understand themselves and others through a journey of self discovery. The benefits are, effective relationships, better team dynamics and ultimately less disputes.

Based on the psychological study of Carl Jung and approved by the British Psychological Society, Insights Discovery® uses four colour energies to highlight 72 personality types. 

"Treat people as you would like to be treated or treat people how they would like to be treated?"

Imagine how powerful it would be if you could give your team, clients, customers and loved ones what they want and need to get the best out of them.

Insights Discovery® is a market leading 20+ page psychometric profile that many of the FTSE 100 companies are using to improve behaviour and enhance performance. 

Understanding individuals personality preferences allows leaders to build dynamic and high performing teams. 

Example Profile


Insights Discovery®

We use the unique and in-depth personal profile extensively in many of our courses including:​

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Team Development

  • Leadership Courses

  • Personal Development Courses

We offer new clients the choice to complete a complimentary foundation profile (worth £130) and debrief with one of our qualified practitioners (worth £50) before booking a course to see what the profile can offer and if it is the right tool for you and your business. Foundation chapter comes as standard but other chapters can be added as required.

Chapters include:

  • Foundation - personal style, communication style, strengths, weaknesses and value to the team

  • Management - how you like to manage and be managed

  • Effective Selling - sales effectiveness

  • Personal Achievement

  • Interview Questions


Example Programme

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Discovery Full Circle® (360 Feedback)

A powerful and highly effective 360 feedback tool used by teams and individuals to motivate them to take action to improve relationships.

After completing an Insights Discovery® profile, people can invite others to complete a Discovery Full Circle evaluator about them. Based on the same principles as the Insights Discovery® profile, it goes further, allowing insight into how others see them. 

We use this evaluator in our 1:1 Coaching and Team Development Programmes to help businesses grow high performing teams.

Example Profile

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