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Educational Leaders

We support headteachers and senior teams to grow and develop in order to lead their schools and be the best for staff and pupils. 


  • One to one coaching – the stresses and strains of running a 21st-century school can be immense. One-to-one headteacher coaching offers confidential, non-judgemental support and trust in a safe environment to help set direction and goals, ultimately improving performance by being held accountable.

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  • Coach the Coach – this three-day  programme is designed to introduce and equip headteachers and senior educational leaders with the skill,s knowledge and attitude to coach internally. The aim is to help headteachers develop coaches in their school and embed a coaching culture.

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  • Leadership in Education Presentations - Jack's talks are hugely inspiring and have immediate and lasting positive effects on delegates' confidence, self-belief and morale. Presentation topics include managing work-life integration, leading change, dealing with emotion, and aligning senior leadership teams. 

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