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World Class Leadership

All good leadership needs to start with personal leadership. Understanding our self concept forms the bedrock for good leaders.


'You need to look after yourself before looking after others.'

Self concept is made up of identity, how we see ourselves and the values and beliefs that form our character and personality.


Standards, qualities and principles make up our values. If we live against our values we are often in dissonance.

Personal positive leadership requires integrity, honesty, confidence, trust in ourselves, emotional intelligence, resilience, consistency and above all accountability.

Leaders grow people, unlock their potential and positively influence them to go in the right direction.

We use the eight competencies developed by Professor John Potter to benchmark leaders (rate yourself from 1-10, 10 being excellent): 

1. Role Model - how do you show up, how do you act/behave, are you consistent and reliable​

2. Communicator - how well do you listen, speak in public, connect with other and put your point across​

3. Emotional Intelligence - can you use your emotions to work for you rather than against you, can you read perceive the emotions of other

4. Creating Vision - can you look into the future and take your people with you rather than live in the rear view mirror

5. Aligning the Team - do you have the skill, knowledge and attitude to take your team in the right direction

6. Action in Crisis - when things go wrong can you step up, keep a cool head and make good decisions 

7. Agent of Change - doing the right things, not just doing things right

8. Motivator - can you motivate yourself and others to get the best from people

People fly in from all corners of the globe to attend our world class leadership programmes and feedback has been outstanding.

'I have learnt more in the last eight weeks than I have in the past 30 years' - Dan Clist, Nu Heat

You can also see our full range of leadership programmes in our brochure.