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High Level Coaching 

"Where are you now, where do you want to be, what's the strategy to get you there?"

For an athlete to turn up at the Olympic games without a coach would be deemed fool hardy. Jack helped with the 2012 Olympic games by supporting some of the torch bearing organisers. The reason why Great Britain did so well with the medal tally was due to coaching. The marginal gains policy focused on what differences made the difference.

Today coaching in business and personal life is mainstream. There are many people that will claim to be coaches but to be an exceptional coach is crucial to help people get what they want or need in life. 

Jack has been running coach the coach programmes to teach and mentor others on how to be outstanding coaches. As a coaching organisation with 20 years of experience, skill and knowledge we bring out the best in people to help them improve their performance in all areas of their lives.

The coaching process helps people to recalibrate and acts as a catalyst for change through skillful questioning and deep listening.

As coaches our job is not to give advise but to draw out the solutions though curious questioning. The most powerful part of coaching is the committing to a new strategy or set of goals and then holding the coachee accountable for achieving them. Most of our sessions take place quarterly so we can follow up and monitor progress.

The coach is the steering wheel and the coachee is the engine. We steer the conversation and our clients unlock the power.

Coaching is the most powerful tool in the personal development toolbox.