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Sheeps Tor, Dartmoor - Photo by Jean Fry (Flickr)

For over 20 years, we've been leading, inspiring, coaching and developing people - from Olympic athletes and military personnel to senior business directors and headteachers.


We also have a strong commitment to supporting young people to overcome the barriers to reaching their potential. We've run two Rotary Club sponsored projects for several years - The Breakthrough Project and the Rotary Youth Leadership Award.


We have an inspirational team of experts with a wide range of experiences and skills such as outdoor leadership, coaching, teaching, psychology, neuro linguistic programming, motivational speaking and military service. They all bring a unique set of experiences, that together form a powerful knowledge base for our clients to tap into. 

We apply skill, knowledge and attitude, underpinned by positive psychology, intuition and careful listening to understand what people want or need.


Our programmes are always interactive and challenging, physically, mentally and emotionally, and above all, fun with an outcome of positive change.


We're based in Devon, so with the Dartmoor National Park on our doorstep, that's a regular training ground. However, we've also run courses in Iceland, Berlin, Dublin and extensively throughout Britain. Outdoors or indoors, we can run programmes in any environment to suit.


View our brochure to see a full break down of our programmes.