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RYLA - Rotary Young Leaders Award

“Unlocking potential and growing people”

In partnership with the Rotary Club, Jack Russell Coaching are proud to have facilitated the Rotary Young Leaders Award for 20 years. This life changing course gives young leaders a week long opportunity to develop an array of life skills, preparing them to achieve their ambitions. JRC is in association with  Rotary , running one RYLA course a year for varying ages. Our world class staff bring with them a huge amount of skill, knowledge and positive attitude to facilitate both tasks and talks across the stunning Dartmoor National Park, .

For more information as to how to attend one of these life changing experiences please contact the rotary clubs directly by following the links below. Alternatively if you are a Rotary Club Member and would like to join forces, please call Jack and the team to discover what we could provide for you.

FEBRUARY - District 1200: Wiltshire – 16-18 years

Find out more about Rotary Club HERE.

“Positive experiences create confidence”

A true passion for Jack Russell Coaching is engaging and helping young people to achieve at school. For this we have developed two programmes that guarantee to change the perspective of challenging pupils.

Breakthrough Project: North to South Dartmoor 

The Breakthrough Project is for young people that struggle to focus in the conventional classroom setting. Individuals are selected as having potential to be positive leaders within their peers, but lack focus or motivation to do so. The challenge for these young leaders is to trek North to South across Dartmoor National Park; a distance of 35 miles. After their three-day expedition they return as a team with a positive, more motivated outlook; this is why…

  1. During the hike across the moor, they are encouraged and praised for respectable behaviour, motivation and efforts to work together as a team. All the staff are new to them and have no preconceived ideas about their behaviour, which allows the young people a fresh start

  2. They are given the responsibility to navigate, route find and risk assess whilst crossing the moor. They also take control of their shelter, water and food, and are expected to avoid sugary foods such as energy drinks and sweets. This gives them ownership of their journey and focus.

  3. Each day, whilst walking, they have the chance to interact one to one with the staff, who often become positive role models to the young people. All assisting staff are qualified mountain leaders and experienced personal development coaches, from a variety of backgrounds and careers.

  4. Individuals are influenced to interact with each other in an emotionally intelligent way; with staff actively challenging their beliefs and values towards diversity.

  5. The young people are taught strategies to resolve conflict and negotiation. They are introduced to many strategies that are visual and practical. Included in this is ‘Insights’; a theory that uses colour to reflect different personality types. This method helps the young people understand and communicate the challenges they have when interacting with peers and teachers, ultimately enabling them to resolve the issues.

  6. Each night ends with a review and outlook to the future. Understanding the lessons learnt that day and how they can be transferred to everyday situations. Each trek concludes with an announcement to the team as to what they are willing to change in the future and how they will achieve their goal.




Fresh Start: Young Leaders Award

The Young Leaders Award is a four day journey to discover the young person’s ‘Passion, Purpose and Plans’, and ultimately make a fresh start at school. The programme is split into 3 modules:

  1. An inspirational talk from Jack, followed by hands-on team development held at the school for the young people involved.

  2. A two day Young Leadership Course held at the JRC headquarters, Exeter, Devon. This programme contains both applicable theory and practical tasks to ensure the young people are stretched mentally, physically and emotionally within a safe and supported environment. The young people will have the opportunity to complete an Insights Discovery Profile, which will give them better understanding of themselves. They will also explore personal motivations and develop a language to communicate this.

  3. The programme is wrapped up by the young people, as they deliver their ‘Passion, Purpose, Plans’ presentation to the school staff. Followed by a celebration and awards event.

Learning Objectives

  • Positive Focus – “you go where you focus”

  • Goal Setting – “setting your own goals to avoid becoming part of someone else’s”.

  • Embracing Change – “what you think about, you bring about”.

  • Understanding Self Concept – Identity, Beliefs, Capability, State, Behaviour and Environment.

  • Competency in Positive Leadership 

  • Empowerment and Self Reliance

  • Personality Type and Motivation within self and others

" Just want to say a big thank you for everything you've taught us this week! It has honestly been the best week of my life! Things are already changing at home - We've now got a 'negative box' - it's just like a 'swear box' - every time somebody says something negative they have to put 10 pence in the box and then turn the negative into a positive - the money will then be used to treat the family to some cakes at the end of the month! So yes - just thank you Jack!

It's been a really great experience for me!"

Jess Searle, RYLA candidate

If your young people would benefit from either of these courses, please get in touch to see what Jack Russell Coaching can do for your young leaders by clicking HERE


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