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“Let me inspire you”

Our selection of team talks are tailored made to fit your organisation. All talks are unique and delivered by Jack Russell. Jack’s team talks are a dynamic way to start your team event; setting a positive and creative atmosphere for the day and the future.

Jack uses positive psychology, The chimp brain, motivational theory and Insights Discovery. This develops opportunity within the work culture to break down silo’s, and increase team motivation, understand individuals within the team, and develop effective communication between peers and clients. Please spend some time exploring our Insights Discovery and Motivational Mapping pages HERE.

If you think Jack Russell could be a perfect key note speaker or inspire your team please dont hesitate to get in touch, please visit our Contact Us page.




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What do young people have to say about Jack Russell Motivational Speaking.

See what pupils from Secondary Schools in Bedford thought about a motivational speaking day with Jack Russell Coaching

Specialist talks to large numbers

Jack has provided talks to diverse teams in large numbers, he can facilitate the whole day or be the key note speaker at your event.

Positive change comes from powerful people

Jack's motivational talks will inspire and enthuse your team. By using Insights and Motivational Mapping Jack can help your company be more positive, enthusiastic, effective and efficent.

Corporate Positive strategies for leaders and teams.
Motivational Speaking Speaking Let me inspire and motivate your people.
Coaching Coaching Positive strategies to get you where you want to be.
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