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Communicate, Connect and Adapt”

Insights Discovery is a language for people, Motivational Maps is a language for motivation. We can help people to connect, communicate and adapt with each other. Gone are the old school days of thinking ‘treat people how you would like to be treated’ the new school way of thinking is ‘treat people how they would like to be treated’.

Both tools can be delivered in synergy or you may want your team to dedicate a day to each tool. Jack Russel Coaching offers a free Insights Discovery Profile or Motivational Map to the event manager in promotion of these leading psychometric tools.

Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery is a tangible tool for the team to better understand how to connect, communicate and adapt with both peers and clients. Jack Russell Coaching has embedded Insights Discovery and Motivational Maps into many companies. They use this tool in their business as an effective language to get the best from each individual in the team. To understand more about this innovative psychometric tool, visit our Insights Discovery page.

Insights Discovery team days are focused upon effective communication with others. Candidates will gain a rounded understanding of individual preferences when communicating, focusing on the four colour energies used in the Insights Discovery tool. Candidates will learn to recognise personality types and how to adapt their communication style to get the most out of their interactions with others.

“The meaning of your communication, is the response you get”

We engineer the day to fit the needs of your team. We will provide a variety of tasks to draw out the characteristics and behaviours individual personalities display. The theory of the tool is applied throughout the interactive programme and is designed to embed the Insights Discovery language, ready to utilise on team’s return to work.

The Insights Discovery team day can also include development on an individual level by opting for the team to complete an Insights Discovery profile. This extra personal touch provides candidates with their own manual for communication. During the day the theory behind the profiling is explained and opportunity for one to one coaching is given. This allows the team time to set personal goals as individuals, in commitment to achieving the collective team goals. To discover more about the profiling process and what is included, visit the Insights Discovery page.

Motivational Maps

“A language of motivation”

How motivated are you?

How motivated are the people you work with?

How can you measure it?

Motivational Maps® is a unique and inventive tool that gives motivation a language which can be shared and understood among peers. JRC can provide both motivational training days and Motivational Map profiles.

The Motivational Map profile reveals the individual’s key motivators, accurately describing an individual’s drivers, and practical steps they can take to make use of this self-knowledge. This ingenious theory splits motivation into nine key factors and into three categories. Presented as an easy-to-read report which is clear and easy to understand, the map profile also includes a percentage as to how motivated the individual is in their role. It unlocks what can be a difficult questions to answer and provides solutions to managing and sustaining the individuals’ motivation within. Like the sound of a more motivated team? Please get in touch, to see what we can offer you and your team.



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See how the Scottish Cycling Team used Insights to help their coaching.

The Scottish Cycling Team recently implemented Insights Discovery into their coaching mentality during the 2014 Commonwealth games, watch what they have to say about it....

Feedback from a one to one client

"My 1-2-1 with Jack has been an absolutely amazing and enormous turning point in my life. I met him in December feeling lost and miserable, completely lacking confidence and self-worth but knowing that I had to pull myself out of this negativity and rediscover the real ‘me’. From the moment we started talking, I knew that my 1-2-1 experience was going to help me turn the corner and focus me in the right direction.                           "Feedback from a One to One client"

Fine tuning

Jack has a huge width and bredth of experience when it comes to coaching, both during one to ones, in the outdoors and in teams. Jack holds the highest level Kayaking award, the BCU Level 5.

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