Powerful Change Use your mind for a change.
Specialist Talks The Chimp Brain.
Communication See, Hear, Feel, Think.
Bee Inspired Positive Strategies for Life.



“Powerful change comes from positive people”

We are living in a world where the greatest changes have occurred in the last generation, three little letters www have made our world change forever. To some change is exciting and for others it’s a real challenge. Jack talks with passion about the stages of change and what motivates and demotivates people through the process. He looks at the personality types that resist and drive forward positive change. The talk is designed to give people an understanding of the ‘what, why, when and how” to change.

  1. Using your brain for change

  2. Stages of change

  3. Personalities and their response to change

  4. A vision for change

  5. Change agents

  6. From denial to confidence

  7. Futurology

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Specialist talks to large numbers

Jack has provided talks to diverse teams in large numbers, he can facilitate the whole day or be the key note speaker at your event.

Positive change comes from powerful people

Jack's motivational talks will inspire and enthuse your team. By using Insights and Motivational Mapping Jack can help your company be more positive, enthusiastic, effective and efficent.

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