Corporate Positive strategies for leaders and teams.
Motivational Speaking Speaking Let me inspire and motivate your people.
Coaching Coaching Positive strategies to get you where you want to be.
Education Getting people confident and believing in themselves.


“Thank you and your team for hosting a wonderful team building experience last week. This programme, coupled with your own inimitable style, really allowed our team to ‘open up’ and take on board the message of communication dynamics within our organisation. For me this achieved our objective, so thank you. I look forward to continuing our partnership with you.”

“Jack, great to meet you yesterday, the presentation was stimulating, informative and most enjoyable. Your courses are always so positively received and you are really part of our business and culture.”

“Once again, thanks for your support and guidance over the last couple of days.  It was an awesome event.  In the early days, it was about building teams.  Now it's about developing and performing.  The recent course has taken us to another level, believe me!”


Nick Smith, Managing Director, STILL Materials Handling Ltd - UK

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