Corporate Events Large events for Corporate teams of up to 300.
Leadership Leadership Developing leaders within the company.
Profiling Profiling Connect, communicate, motivate and adapt.
Team Strengthening and galvanising your team.


Leadership is about growing people and unlocking their potential”

Are you doing the right things, at the right time, for the right people?

Do you know what really matters and motivates you most?

Do you press the right buttons in your team to motivate and inspire them?

Do you know where your business or organisation is going and do you have time to step back, be innovative and divergent in your thinking?

A one to one coaching session with JRC is dedicated time to helping answer the above questions for you, your business and your team. Our coaches will assess; your motivational needs, help you to explore your personality strengths, and support you in addressing areas where you may be more effective. Prepared with vision and strategies to make it work, you can return to your business more effective, innovative and ready to lead your team to the next level.

For details and logistics of a one to one coaching session, please contact us.


“Skill and knowledge is meaningless without positive attitude”

Jack Russell Coaching proudly presents a full day dedicated to business skills coaching. This one to one coaching session is designed to help you achieve your career aspirations. At Jack Russell Coaching we believe you “buy people first, product second”. Therefore, the coaching session is focused on getting the most out of your interactions with others; whether it be presenting to a hundred people, or that one to one meeting to close the business deal of the year.

Skills to gain:

  • Presentation skills & public/professional speaking

  • Understanding personalities within business

  • Emotional intelligence & coaching skills

  • NLP coaching

  • Understanding you clients/peers motivation

  • Selling yourself & product

  • Interview Skills

  • Confidence in the work place

  • Understanding body language & positively presenting oneself

For details and logistics of a business skills coaching session with Jack Russell Coaching, please visit the contact section of this page and get in touch.


“Learning to use your inner compass”

At Jack Russell Coaching we value experiential learning, especially when it comes to leadership. If you believe your team of leaders would benefit from the opportunity to practically apply the theory learnt during the coaching, our outdoor courses are right for you.

Our Outdoor Leadership courses are designed to best suit the needs of your leaders. Typically a three day course, this could be a mixture of days out on Dartmoor and days in a comfy hotel or alternatively you could opt for a full three day journey across Dartmoor. The choice is up to you. While journeying across Dartmoor everyone on the course will get a chance to learn to be resilient, lead the group, navigate, be in charge of logistics and timing, make decisions and plan the route.

As part of the leadership course, a leadership manual and Jack’s book on positive psychology are included. For added value we suggest Insights Discovery Profiles and Motivational Maps should be included for each client.

Our tasks are designed to focus upon the eight competencies of leadership, and are reviewed with the processing of the task in mind rather than the outcome. Each candidate will have the opportunity to lead a selection of tasks and receive feedback from their peers. This allows the leaders to measure their progress in what is an open, neutral yet stretching environment.

The Eight Competencies of Leadership

  • Action in Crisis

  • Role Model

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Creating Vision

  • Aligning the Team

  • Change Agent

  • Effective Communication

  • Motivating People

If this is the right course for you, please give Jack Russell Coaching a call by visiting the Contact Us page.


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See what happens on a Team Event day!

A drumming course as part of a large scale team event day, including team development and Insights Discovery.

What do our clients say about us...

“Just wanted to say thank you for last Thursday. The day was so much fun and you really got everyone involved which usually is hard to do! We will definitely be recommending PDC and also hopefully I look forward to working with you and your team in future years.”

Victoria Labrum, Manager Human Resources, Morgan Sindall Investments Limited

Team Development Tasks

We often use different tasks to evaluate teams abilities to communicate, connect and adapt with each other. Reflection on these tasks is always a great insight into how the teams could be more effective.

Corporate Positive strategies for leaders and teams.
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Coaching Coaching Positive strategies to get you where you want to be.
Education Getting people confident and believing in themselves.