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“A personal investment into powerful change”

Change brings the unknown. Naturally we are adverse to this notion and its uncertainty. However with the right strategies in place, change can be embraced, exciting and sought after. You may be seeking a new direction, making choices, looking for motivation, or simply want to understand where you are going. Jack among his professional qualifications has a talent for connecting with individuals and helping them to recognise their potential and move forward into the future.

“If you could do anything and knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?”

For details and logistics of a one to one coaching session with Jack, please visit the contact section of this page.


How it works… 

  1. Whatever your needs or aspirations, each one to one coaching session starts with a chat with Jack Russell Coaching. This way you can decide whether JRC has the right coach for you and we can better understand what you would like to achieve during the session.

  2. An Insights Discovery psychometric profile, Motivational Map, JRC Coaching Manual, Goals Folder and a E copy of Jack’s book “Don’t Tell the Bumble Bee” is included in the coaching session.

  3. JRC dedicates a whole day to each individual, providing face to face coaching with lunch, tea, coffee and venue included.

  4. Coaching sessions are followed up by JRC after 21 days. You’ll have a catch up chat about the progression and success of the goals set during the  session. The one to one contract also includes arranged tele-coaching from Jack during the 21 day period.

  5. Jack Russell Coaching has a quiet, comfortable and private venue on site for one to one coaching to take place, however if you have a place in mind, we can meet clients at alternative venues.

Like what you see? Give PDC Inspiration a call. Get in touch to find out about how our coaches can start your journey here. Our coaches are: Jack Russell, Anna Thompson and Nick Arding


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See how the Scottish Cycling Team used Insights to help their coaching.

The Scottish Cycling Team recently implemented Insights Discovery into their coaching mentality during the 2014 Commonwealth games, watch what they have to say about it....

Feedback from a one to one client

"My 1-2-1 with Jack has been an absolutely amazing and enormous turning point in my life. I met him in December feeling lost and miserable, completely lacking confidence and self-worth but knowing that I had to pull myself out of this negativity and rediscover the real ‘me’. From the moment we started talking, I knew that my 1-2-1 experience was going to help me turn the corner and focus me in the right direction.                           "Feedback from a One to One client"

Fine tuning

Jack has a huge width and bredth of experience when it comes to coaching, both during one to ones, in the outdoors and in teams. Jack holds the highest level Kayaking award, the BCU Level 5.

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