Inset Days Valuing your staff team.
Young Leaders Unlocking potential and confidence.
Head Teacher Coaching Looking after you to look after your people.
Bee Positive Embedding life skills in the curriculum.


"New school thinking"

When you were at school, do you remember all those lessons focused on personal development, motivation, positive psychology, happiness, self-belief, confidence, emotional intelligence, communication, resilience, relationships within teams and leadership skills?!  The sad reality is that for many people in our country these skills were never formally taught, and if they were, they were only a fraction of the curriculum.

Today almost every job advert asks for these skills, behaviours, attitudes and competencies. In our current climate, these skills are at a premium more than ever.

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Rotary Young Leaders Awards

"Just want to say a big thank you for everything you've taught us this week! It has honestly been the best week of my life, so yes - just thank you Jack!  It's been a really great experience for me!"

Jess Searle, RYLA candidate

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Watch this short introduction about how useful Insights can be when implemented into a company. To find out more about Insights and Motivational Mapping please visit our profiling pages.

Young people on outdoor courses

Jack Russell Coaching uses outdoor education to take people out of their comfort zones in a safe and protected environment. Using the outdoors as a tool to teach people about teams, leadership and how to communicate, connect and adapt with each other.

Corporate Positive strategies for leaders and teams.
Motivational Speaking Speaking Let me inspire and motivate your people.
Coaching Coaching Positive strategies to get you where you want to be.
Education Getting people confident and believing in themselves.