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“Finding the synergy for win-win”

Jack Russell Coaching offers an open, safe and neutral environment to discuss and create solutions for those experiencing challenging relationships within the work place. Jack as an experienced coach takes a non-biased objective and impartial role, which is key in all mediation. By introducing Insights Discovery and Motivational Maps, the individuals are better placed to appreciate and understand differences in each other, both personality wise and motivational.

Mediation coaching sessions are always guided towards win-win solutions. By working together, delegates develop better strategies for motivating, communicating, connecting and adapting. The outcome of the negotiation is always focused on recreating synergy within the working environment.

During mediation we use actors to role play in a variety of situations to challenge and make clients think about how best to achieve win-win situations with a variety of different Insights colours.

For details and logistics of a mediation coaching session with JRC, please visit the contact section of this page and get in touch. Feedback from these days has been phenomenal.


“Positively investing in your relationship”

Re-energise the passion and commitment to each other by taking time out to invest in your future together. The key to commitment is involvement. This is why our couples coaching is focused upon setting goals small to longer term, discovering the colourful personality types of your partner, how to understand and connect on a new level and to learn what you are both truly passionate about, what purpose you have and where your plans are taking you. Ultimately we know that if you don’t set your own goals, you become part of someone else’s. Therefore setting goals together and focusing on win-win solutions for both partners is key to a bright future.


“Using positive psychology to connect with the right person”

 Jack Russell Coaching is expanding our couples coaching into relationship coaching for single people. We offer Insights Profiles and Motivational Maps to people wanting to build new relationships. The best way to build a meaningful new relationship is to first learn about your own personal Insights and Motivations before seeing what kind of person would be a match for your personality and colour energy. We also follow this up with a one to one coaching session and in August we run an open programme for single people.

For details and logistics of a couples coaching and building new relationships with Jack Russell Coaching, please visit the Contact Us section of this page and get in touch.


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