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"Embedding the learning into your organisation and making external facilitators redundant"

This programme is designed to take internal coaches through a process of unlocking their own potential and ultimately others. It's designed to give people confidence, to develop a culture of coaching within the organisation and help coaches to turn on peoples desire to embed the learning on a day to day basis.

Jack, I had to send you a message! In Sept 2014 I was unhappy in my job, which also affected my whole life outside work. I was miserable. I was sent on a coaching & mentoring course with you in Devon. I wasn't in the mood for it AT ALL, but had to attend for my I did. That day, you changed my life! In just that one day! Suddenly, with your teaching & encouragement, anything was possible. I think you could see that I needed help, and you gave me your book Don't Tell The Bumble Bee. For free! (Thank you!) That evening, I drove back to London as a new person! I read your book that night, immediately gave up smoking & started the steps to find a new, better job. Which I did! Today, for the new job, I attended a Leadership Essentials course. One of the topics was Inspirational Leaders, and discussed the fact that someone can change your life and they don't even know it. Jack, you changed my life and I will be forever thankful. You are the most inspirational leader I have ever met - ever heard of - and have the power to give confidence & hope back to those that have lost it, or never had it. I have to tell you THANK YOU. Tons of love to you.

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See how the Scottish Cycling Team used Insights to help their coaching.

The Scottish Cycling Team recently implemented Insights Discovery into their coaching mentality during the 2014 Commonwealth games, watch what they have to say about it....

Feedback from a one to one client

"My 1-2-1 with Jack has been an absolutely amazing and enormous turning point in my life. I met him in December feeling lost and miserable, completely lacking confidence and self-worth but knowing that I had to pull myself out of this negativity and rediscover the real ‘me’. From the moment we started talking, I knew that my 1-2-1 experience was going to help me turn the corner and focus me in the right direction.                           "Feedback from a One to One client"

Fine tuning

Jack has a huge width and bredth of experience when it comes to coaching, both during one to ones, in the outdoors and in teams. Jack holds the highest level Kayaking award, the BCU Level 5.

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