Inset Days Valuing your staff team.
Young Leaders Unlocking potential and confidence.
Head Teacher Coaching Looking after you to look after your people.
Bee Positive Embedding life skills in the curriculum.


"You go where you focus”

Teachers have the skills but not necessarily the knowledge and the time to provide the type of development Ofsted are asking for more and more. ‘Bee Positive' provides the tools, lesson plans and knowledge needed to fulfil these requirements, and it enables teachers to develop positive life skills within the classroom. 

The programme is currently being used in 70 schools in Kent and applied throughout the curriculum, from PHSE lessons to staff development and Enterprise days.

"The Ofsted inspection of June 2006 told us we were ‘inadequate'... remembering the bumble bee, we worked together to achieve a ‘good with outstanding features' label from the Ofsted inspection 14 months later. Re-energised by the last training day, we are now set for nothing but ‘outstanding"
Simon Temple, Head Teacher at St Peter's C of E School

This inspirational two-day training programme for teachers includes a practical, easy-to-use toolbox of resources and lesson plans and covers:


  1. Comfort zones

  2. Positive focus

  3. Communication

  4. Personal leadership

  5. Relationships and team

  6. Goals

  7. Motivation

Who is it for?

Teachers in both primary and secondary schools, deputy and head teachers. If you are intersted in the Bee Positive programme please get in touch via the Contact Us page to find out more.


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