Facts The history of PDC to JRC.
Jack Russell Jack Russell A passion for people.
Values Values Our company values and beliefs.
Team JRC Team Powerful change comes from positive people.



"Powerful change comes from positive people"


Jack Russell Coaching is dedicated to providing quality days and programmes. We are a company which has strong values and beliefs about how to facilitate quality days. One way in which we  can make this happen is by using people with a wide range of experiences and skills such as outdoor leadership, coaching, teaching, psychology, neuro linguistic programming, motivational speaking and military backgrounds.


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Find out more about Insights Discovery.....

Please watch the short video to find out more about how Insights Discovery could increase performance, productivity and effectivness within your company. Imagine if everyone could communicate more effectively and build stronger connections with each other and with clients...

Team Development in Action

A recent course at Highfield Farm with Optix Solutions.

"Jack, I am still so moved by the session we had the other day. The 1 to 1 session we had in particular has really helped me"


See what the Scottish Sprint Cycling Team has to say about Insights...

The Scottish Sprint Cycling Team implemented Insights DIscovery into their training before the Commonwealth games in 2014....see what they have to say about it.

Motivational Speaking in Schools

See what pupils from Secondry Schools across Bedford had to say about a conference day with motivational talks and practical exercises from Jack Russell Coaching.

Jack at the North Pole

In 2001 Jack walked to the North Pole as part of a small team...this is what they had to say about him... "Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you were an inspiration to me during the entire trip to the North Pole and a truly world class motivator"

Bernie Hollywood


Corporate Positive strategies for leaders and teams.
Motivational Speaking Speaking Let me inspire and motivate your people.
Coaching Coaching Positive strategies to get you where you want to be.
Education Getting people confident and believing in themselves.